Tips To Pay Less In The Tax Of Circulation

We’re going to tell you several tricks to save on the payment of the Circulation Tax and we will solve the main doubts. As you know, this tax is annual and varies according to the our vehicle. However, the variations also exist between different municipalities, since municipalities have total freedom to apply this tax price within the margins established by the Law. As a general rule, provincial capitals usually have higher prices, while small towns have lower prices. To avoid overpaying, there are certain tricks that are completely legal, to pay less in the Tax of Circulation. We see them, besides solving some doubts.

Register Your Vehicle In The Town

To save you a few pounds, you can register in another municipality where the Circulation Tax is lower. Once the change of your legal address has been made, you will only have to go to the Traffic Headquarters with the previous traffic tax paid, the technical file of your vehicle, a photocopy of it and the new registration certificate. However, you must bear in mind that, although the change will be made immediately, the reduction in the amount of the lien will not be effective until next year. Needless to remember, to register in another location, you must have a home or property – either owned or rented – in it.

Enroll Your Car As A Classic

If your vehicle is more than 25 years old, you can value enrolling it as a classic model. This scheme is also legal, although it has more problems than the first mentioned. First of all because not all municipalities have a historical plate is synonymous with discount, there are places where you can enjoy 25 or even 100 percent discount, but in other locations no discount is considered in old models.

There are certain municipalities that also request that your car be registered as historical, while others do not require it. The process, in addition, costs money, so you should assess whether you rent or not, especially if you plan to sell your vehicle in the near future or if you do not do enough kilometers a year to amortize the expense.

How Do I Pay The Circulation Tax?

Most municipalities send the letter of payment of the circulation tax to homes, so to pay it you will have to go to one of the banks specified on the back of it and make the payment. If, on the other hand, they do not send you the same, you will have to go to your town hall to pay the amount associated with your car. In case you live in UK, you need to pay the road tax UK.

Who Should Pay The Lien?

If you buy a second-hand car from a private individual, you must provide the justification for the payment of said tax. Attentive to this, because if you do not have the daily payment, once it is yours, the vehicle could have problems.

What Is A Fiscal Horse?

This unit is the one that indicates the tax burden that is applied to your vehicle. Your figure is the result of the calculation between the cylinder capacity of the engine and the number of cylinders. The greater this, the greater the lien associated with the car.


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