Premium Office Space Solutions While Expanding Your Business To The US

If you currently spend monthly rent on a traditional office space in the city, you know how expensive the lease can be at a premium location. It is essential to be aware of this cost and try to minimise the amount you are spending monthly, especially if you are looking to expand from a different country into the United States or from one state to another within the continental US.

Ways to keep office space spending to a minimum can include investigating options where you do not have to consider overhead, ordering supplies, business loans, or purchasing office equipment. This can include an opportunity such as a virtual office. Servcorp is a premium office space provider in the US and has highly rated executive suites that will cause a massive increase in your productivity while seeing a decrease in the amount you are spending monthly on your lease.

Keep reading, and you will be informed of the top three benefits of premium office space and how those virtual offices can assist you while expanding your business within the United States.


Of course, the number one advantage and most essential is an ideal location. If you are an established business that is expanding into unknown territory, it is imperative that you choose your site wisely. If you locate yourself in an area that is not well known, unsafe, or too far out, you will be doing a disservice to your company. You need to select a location that is in the heart of the city. One that is close to the business district and other like businesses as the competition will be more significant there.

More clients will see your name and image this way. It also does not hurt to have a beautiful view of the city. Whether it is a city skyline or a lovely view of the water, you will impress clients with the view. You will also be more relaxed as a business owner when you allow yourself a few minutes to distress with the serene landscape.


The next excellent benefit of a virtual office, and in particular, an executive suite, is the fantastic support team that comes with the Servcorp lease. You will be given a dedicated receptionist that will assist you in answering the telephones as well as taking messages from clients. Your receptionist will make calls to schedule meetings with high-end clients and greet those clients and other guests when they arrive at your building. You will also receive dedicated mail delivery personnel who will pick up and deliver packages and mail on a timely basis. In addition, you will gain two Servcorp team members to assist you with things that may come up with the building that you need direction on.


The last vital benefit to premium office space by utilising virtual offices is the usage of the telecommunications service that comes with a Servcorp contract. No longer do you have to find and schedule an install of the internet and phone lines to your office space.

With a lease through Servcorp, you will have set up performed and be ready for productivity the next business day. Your local telephone number will be prepared immediately, and your internet service will be the best on the market. Not only is it cutting edge but also it has uptimes of 99.9% and a fibre internet connection. In addition, you will receive excellent IT support for any questions you may have.

Consider A Virtual Office While Expanding To The US

There is nothing quite like a virtual office to keep costs down and productivity high. As you are saving money by not investing in overhead, you will be able to expand and market into the US territory. Crucial markers like location, support, and internet are just a few of the multiple benefits you will experience with Servcorps executive suites. They will make it a smooth transition from state to state or country-to-country expansion. Check into Servcorps virtual office solutions today!


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